Alive Bars mod by Michael Orloff

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Hello! I am Michael Orloff, and I am author this mod. What's new in it? My mod is a part of a good Family Alive. In Alive Bars mod v.28 - 6 opened locations: bar Salieri, bar Morello, bar from Intro, bar Italian Garden, service Luca's Bertone & house Tommy's from extrime and 27 mini-missions.

Page in site -
Direct, constant link -
Manual in English in PDF, if you need - ... esmich.pdf
Readme in English -

So, missions:
- from don Salieri's, of course: kill Morello!
- from Lucas to Big Dig (day/night),
- from Joe's,
- kill prokuror's and his banda,
- killer mission,
- mission in hospital,
- mission in bank with Paulie's,
- mission from Frankie,
- mission "kill a dog's Sergio" ,
- mission from guys Salieri,
- mission-police,
- mission-medic in freeride-day (see you at hospital),
- mission-fire (see you at fire station in Little Italy),
- mission-RACE (day/night),
- and others...

I hope that in this, and let him have the old 28 version, will find something interesting for you, until it finally released the 30th part... In addition to the mini-missions to modify ABM I laid some curious things, so it was fun, because without humor is nowhere. Find them, no?

1. Download here
2. Old version 28.07
3. Automatic install

The final version - 30.0 (in development).
Hi bro. What made you decide to register on Polish forum, and present you mod? I don't know, why the "probe" (I can not say) is in Polish language :k
:arrow: DonMateo07PL,
Hello, comrade! Thanks who voted for my mod :) No, what is bad? I'm not a spammer, I do sometimes for themselves different modifications for favorite Mafia... and my mods very fun and playful, with simple missions and several outdoor locations. And this is the site of the mafia... A Polish, German or Russian - not all the same :) The main thing I wanted to share and a couple of my works, my mods :) And soon will release a new, more interesting version. Little patience :) Salute! ;-)

Just in case, please, ask questions about this modification, if someone does not like something specifically - write specifically does not like: me to fix this in the next version... If you simply don't like or something similar, then I do not pay attention :) Thanks and buona fortuna! (^_^)/
"Correct" is "Edytuj" in down-right corner. In future - do not double-post, please.

About modification - When I go back to playing Mafia, then I download your mod. For sure. [And sorry 'bout my terrible English]
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"Correct" is "Edytuj" in down-right corner. In future - do not double-post, please.

Thank you very much, I'll try to be more careful!
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About modification - When I go back to playing Mafia, then I download your mod. For sure. [And sorry 'bout my terrible English]

Once again many thanks to all! La ringrazio molto! ;)
Hello everyone, comrades! Just updated the links to the current - on the site and in this topic (only now), so who wants to, can check out a new version of the mod :)

New screenshots:

New video about new version:

Updated links in the first post. Obsolete replaced with the current. Dziękuję wszystkim i powodzenia!
P.S. If someone does a Polish let's-play, I will be very, very grateful! Obrazek
Upd. mod to v.28.18. Next version only 30 - in development.
Dla jasności, obejrzyj wideo (bez głosu):

Manual in English, if you need - ... esmich.pdf
Download mod (direct, constant link) -
Powodzenia! :-)

UPDATED in v.28.19 (other versions will not be, next version only 30 - in development):
- fixed: during a dialogue with a woman, a small mistake in the countryside was fixed;
- fixed: bug fixed (sometimes crash out of the game), when mini-Paulie appeared.

(There are actually more changes, but they are important, maybe.)
A few new screenshots to revive the theme: